#Blogg100/46 15 days – moment to remember

Day 1, travel day) Champagne on the plane. Of course …

Back in Kathmandu. This is love …

Day 2) One of my places on the earth – Boudhanath area with the beautiful stupa.

The first evening with the lovely girls as, of course, want to borrow our cameras. As usual. They love taking photos. The girl behind is NOT crying, just pretend to 🙂

Day 3) Touching meetings at the sewing fabric. Ranjana, one of the former prostitue is proudly showing us one of her t-shirts.

Another touching meeting – the sweet, little girl who who received an ice cream from us. Happy? Oh yeah …

Day 4) Feeding street children at Pashupati area. They were so happy about the football Julius bought for them. And the t-shirts and cuddly toys we brought from Sweden.

There are different types of games depending on whether you spend time with the little or big girls. Here some posing for the camera … What? Duck faces? We?? Oh no …

Day 5) When I met my nepali sister, mirro bahini, for the first time in a year. Lovely Nymy …

End of that day – a delicious dinner and the beautiful sunset over the stupa and the mountains.

Day 6) Girls laugh and joy when they found the photo album I brought from Sweden. There were pics from the big big birthdayparty I arranged for them in March 2012, and they all wanted to look at the pics and talk about the party.

Late evening: THE cocktail. On the house. Made on liquor that breakfast waitress mom did.

Day 7) Husband arrived to Kathmandu. I don´t know who was the happiest of meeting – he or the girls …

Balloon party. Of course.

Day 8) All the delicious food … Yummy! This is veg mixed curry with chapati.

And daal bath at Garden Kitchen.

Day 9) The rather scary moment when the women pounced on me and my balloon bag. Both I and the children fled.

Evening at the child centre – after playing hide and seek we hade to enjoy the sunset before we could go home to our hotel.

Day 10) A day of play at orphanage.

And a moment of love …

Day 11) This was the day we met our two sponsor children. First Sajan Rai and his lovely mother at the combined school and hostel we are paying for.

And then we had dinner with our little sponsorchild Tenzing and his father. Pizza, orange juice and a lot of playing.

Day 12) The moment when I was buying shawls in Bakthaphur, and the woman in the shop says ”I recognize you, you were here one year ago also”. Rather fun, indeed.

The eternal use of hand rub. Here I even bursts the beer glasses inside with wipes because all place was so dirty.

Day 13) Last day with the girls. Another moment of love.

And, of course, a lot of hugs.

Day 14, departure day) New Year´s Eve 2071, the Hindu New Year. There were people everywhere, praying and celebrating.

And our friend Ali could proudly present his grandfather, who had come from his village to celebrate with the family.

Day 15, booooring day) A moment of comfortable sleep at Doha airport resulted in an uncomfortable neck.

Home sweet home, dear husband!







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